Before contacting the Prague Airport call centre, please review the frequently asked questions with answers below.

Where can I rebook, change or cancel my flight ticket?

Tickets can sometimes be amended with the agent who sold you the ticket or directly with the airline operating the flight. Each ticket has different conditions; contacting your agent or airline about their specific conditions is important. Some airlines allow tickets to be rebooked directly through their websites.

Where can I rebook my flight ticket if the flight is cancelled?

If a flight is cancelled, you can rebook at the airport ticket counter of the handling company responsible for baggage on that particular flight. Some airlines allow tickets to be rebooked directly through their website.

I left my personal belongings on the plane; what should I do?

When leaving belongings on board, you need to contact the airline that operated the flight or the handling company that handled the flight. You should also contact the Baggage Claim office at Prague Airport, where the particular airline might leave your lost belongings. Details of the handling company can be obtained through Prague Airport non-stop information (phone: +420 220 111 888).

On collecting my baggage, I realised it had been damaged.

In the event of damaged baggage, you need to file a complaint at the counter of the handling company that handled your particular flight. The complaints counters of all three handling companies are located in the baggage reclaim area at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The airline should be responsible for your luggage and either repair it or provide a similar replacement if the damage is irreparable.

My baggage has not arrived yet.

Delayed baggage is located and distributed by the handling company responsible for baggage on that particular flight. Any queries regarding baggage should be addressed directly to the handling company. Details of the handling company can be obtained through the Prague Airport non-stop information line (+420 220 113 314, +420 220 113 321).

I accidentally picked up somebody else’s luggage – what should I do?

All baggage claims are to be resolved by the handling company responsible for baggage on that particular flight. Details of the handling company can be obtained through the non-stop information line at Prague Airport (phone: +420 220 113 314, +420 220 113 321).

I need to drop someone off / pick someone up. Where should I park?

A suitable solution to quickly pick up or drop off passengers is our short-term drop-on/off parking lots P1 / P2, located directly in front of the terminal buildings (second lane), for parking up to one hour – and you can take advantage of free parking for the first 15 minutes. For further information, see the “Parking” section.

What time do you recommend to be present for check-in before departure?

Each airline sets its own time when its check-in gates are closed, which can be anything from 1 hour to 20 minutes before the scheduled departure. For the exact time, consult with your airline. Generally, it is recommended to be at the airport 1 hour 30 minutes before departure for short-haul EU flights (sometimes 1 hour can be sufficient if you have already checked in online and do not have any drop-off bags) and 2 hours 30 minutes for long-haul flights.

My flight has been significantly delayed. Where can I apply for compensation? You might be entitled to compensation if you have been delayed for more than 4 hours, cancelled, or denied boarding. There are also special agencies dealing with airline compensation claims.

What is the easiest way to get from the airport?

At the moment the fastest way is by car or taxi. There are some plans to connect the Prague Centre with the Airport by metro, but this has not been approved yet (and even if approved, it might take at least ten years to finalize the plans).

I am a person with reduced mobility, and  I have a handicap permit. Where is the best place to park at the airport?

Prague Airport provides parking free of charge for individuals who have handicap permits. If you have such a permit, you can park your vehicle in any parking lot provided with a gate system. The indoor and guarded area of Parking C is recommended. Before leaving, you will need to go to the dispatching centre on the ground floor of Parking C with your parking ticket and handicap permit, where you will receive a new ticket with a free exit from the parking lot (note – free parking does not apply to VIP parking – Parking C).

I left my belongings on the plane – what should I do?

If an object is left on board, you must contact the airline that operated the flight or the handling company that handled the flight. Details of the handling company can be obtained from the Prague Airport non-stop information line (phone: +420 220 113 314, +420 220 113 321).

My hand luggage seems to have been stolen or lost while I was at the terminal – what should I do?

You should contact the police station at Prague Airport – phone number: +420 220 11 4444 or ask Prague Airport Information Desk for assistance.

My companion with whom I am flying has a disability – how can I arrange for the best and fastest possible check-in for her?

All passengers with disabilities or limited mobility, people with physical or other disabilities, are provided with a free assistance service at the airport, provided by MaidPro Service s.r.o. The service must be ordered 36 hours in advance by phone: +420 220 111 220 or +420 725 778 241. This assistance is available 24 hours a day.

I have only hand luggage; can I carry an umbrella?

Although an umbrella is not defined as a prohibited item by law, it is hard to say whether, in terms of security, such an object shall be allowed onboard or not. If it is a regular folding umbrella that fits into your hand luggage, then there is naturally no reason not to allow its transport. However, if the umbrella remains the length of a walking stick, the security check will also examine the shape and length of the umbrella and its metal or plastic tips. In some cases, unfortunately, such umbrellas meet the definition of items whose shipments are prohibited in the cabin and may only be transported away from the passengers, i.e. in the aircraft’s cargo compartment. In this case, the airport security guard will consider the risk.

I am to fly to Prague with my dog; where can I pick him up upon arrival?

Animals can be picked up at the oversized baggage counter in the departure hall of Terminal 2.

How do I send a cat by plane?

Air cargo carriers provide air transport of animals without their owner; the animal is then shipped as cargo. However, there is no need to worry about your pet’s comfort during transport as it shall be placed in a special air-conditioned and lighted section. The animal must have an international vaccination certificate and comply with health conditions, restrictions and regulations of departure and destination.

I need only to drop off or pick up a friend. What is the best parking for the short term?

A suitable solution to quickly pick up or drop off passengers is short-term parking lots P1 / P2, located directly in front of the terminal buildings. For one hour, you can take advantage of free parking for the first 15 minutes.

Where can I apply for a VAT refund (Tax-Free), and what is required?

If you do not reside within the European Community, reside in a third country (which must be obvious from your passport), and do not pursue economic activities there, you are entitled to a refund of VAT paid on goods purchased in the Czech Republic. The price of goods to claim the VAT refund must be over 2000 CZK.

What are the Import Regulations?

Meat and dairy products cannot be imported from other than EU countries and a few neighbouring states.

Are there limits on how much money I can carry?

You can only carry up to EUR 10,000 across the border (or equivalent in a different currency). If you need more cash, you must report this to the customs authorities. You might be required to provide detailed information about money to comply with the anti-money laundering law.

If you travel from one EU country to another, you must report this in both countries. Otherwise, the customs officers may seize the carried amount. Remember that the customs authorities may perform personal searches.

What are the Import Regulations?

Meat and dairy products cannot be imported from other than EU countries and a few neighbouring states. Limits on the transportation of alcohol, tobacco, cash and other assorted items across borders within the EU can be found here

Can I take medication on the plane? What are the restrictions?

If you need to have medication with you during the flight (or you are only travelling with hand baggage), some exceptions to the general rules regarding restrictions on liquids, sprays and gels on board the plane will apply. Any medication (required during the flight) can be transported without restrictions on the packaging volume. However, you should always report this to the security check staff. Taking the prescription from your doctor or confirmation from the medical facility with you is always recommended. Airport security staff may ask for such a confirmation.

Eye drops or painkillers are always deemed necessary medication and can be carried without any volume restrictions.

When travelling to certain countries, it is recommended (in some states, it is required) to carry a valid vaccination record on an international vaccination card.

I am changing to another flight in Prague. Will my bag be automatically transferred?

If you are changing to another flight at Prague Airport, we advise you to check in advance at your original departure airport whether your baggage will be checked in until your final destination. Otherwise, you must reclaim your baggage after arrival and check it in again before the other flight.

Should I lock my baggage before checking in?

It is recommended to lock your baggage, preferably using a security TSA lock (with the diamond symbol). This will make it possible for security personnel to check the contents of your baggage without any damage.

What are the maximum sizes and weights of checked-in baggage?

Each airline has different size and weight limits. Please get in touch with your airline before you fly for detailed information.

Oversize baggage – Departures

If you are going to travel with oversized or non-standard baggage, we recommend that you consult the check-in for your airline as soon as possible. The conditions of transport of such baggage may vary with individual airlines.

The following items are considered non-standard or oversized baggage: Non-standard skis, snowboards, prams, golf bags, surfboards, hockey sticks, paddles, larger musical instruments, bicycles and sunshades.

How to check in oversized baggage

If you plan to check in non-standard baggage, we recommend informing your airline (or travel agency) of this as early as possible when booking or buying a ticket and consulting the check-in conditions in advance.

At the airport, go to the classic check-in counter and inform the check-in staff of the oversized baggage.

The staff will check in the baggage, label the baggage with a baggage tag and ensure transport of the baggage to the oversized baggage counter.

The handling company’s staff will take care of your baggage. You may proceed to the security check (Terminal 2) or passport control (Terminal 1). At your destination, pick up your baggage at the oversized baggage counter.

The special oversized baggage counter is located in the departure lounges of both Terminal 1 and 2.

What kind of animals are allowed to be transported in hand baggage?

The rules for transporting animals in hand baggage differ depending on the airline. Therefore, we advise you always to get this information from your airline company in advance.

I wish to travel with a pram/pushchair. Can I use my own?

If you are travelling with your own pram/pushchair at the Airport, you can usually use it until you board the plane. Handing the pram/pushchair in at the gate is necessary, and the handling company staff will put it into the baggage hold or another designated space inside the aeroplane. The particular requirements regarding the transport of prams/pushchairs always depend on the respective airline company and the load of the actual flight. Your pram/pushchair also has to pass security control.

If you do not need your pram/pushchair while you are at the Airport, you can check it in and hand it in at the check-in counters and borrow one of our pushchairs free of charge. You will find them in Terminal 1 behind the passport control zone and Terminal 2 behind the security control zone or at one of the many points available in the terminals. You can use those pushchairs throughout your time at the airport until you arrive at your gate.

Where do I pay the overweight fees for my checked-in baggage?

The overweight fees are usually paid at the check-in desk or the counter of your airline company. Please note that airlines at check-in might not accept cash, or you might need to go to the airline’s office.

Can I park free of charge at the Airport?

There is free collect/drop-off for up to 15 minutes at the Express Car Park in front of the terminals. Parking is free of charge for the first 15 minutes and costs CZK 100 for 16-30 minutes. Then the charge is CZK 100 per 30 minutes. If you re-enter within one hour, there is no free 15-minute period.

If you expect to wait longer or plan to meet the person inside the airport, using the PB Economy and PC Comfort short-term car parks with an hourly rate of CZK 80 per hour is recommended.

From which terminal will my flight depart?

The terminals at the Airport are differentiated depending on the country you are travelling to. Terminal 1 is intended solely for flights to countries outside the Schengen Area. Terminal 2 looks after passengers flying to countries in the Schengen Area. Terminal 3 is designated for private/government and certain chartered flights. Information about the terminal should be mentioned on your travel document.

I have only hand luggage only. Do I need to go to the check-in counter?

If you only travel with hand luggage, you do not have to present yourself at a check-in counter, and you can check in either through self-check-in kiosks, online or within your airline’s mobile app. With a boarding pass (printed or on your mobile device), you can go directly to your passport/security check.

What are my travel options to the city centre?

When travelling from the Airport, you can take a public transport bus, which departs every few minutes from outside both terminals. Line 100 to Zličín (Metro B-line), line 119 to Nádraží Veleslavín (Metro A-line) or line 191 to Anděl (Metro B-line). You can take the special Airport Express bus if you want to travel to the main railway station. Or you can take an Uber from the airport. Prague Airport Transfers also provide direct shuttle buses. Alternatively, you might rent a car directly at the airport.