WiFiFree WI-FI at at Václav Havel Airport Prague

Passengers at Prague Airport can now connect to the wireless Internet network free of charge (with unguaranteed connection speed) or use some of the reliable payable Wi-Fi hot spots. The service is available in all airport areas at both terminals, including lounges and restaurants – so passengers can use their pre-boarding time more effectively for work, leisure activities, etc. The wireless network signal is transmitted 24/7 throughout Terminals 1 & 2. Thanks to the high density of hotspots, high reliability can be guaranteed, eliminating the possibility of the connection dropping in the middle of your work.

One needs a PC equipped with Wi-Fi signal reception hardware to take advantage of the service, which is standard on most current notebook PCs. Another option is an external receiver or a PDA.

The free Wi-Fi network runs at a speed of up to 512 kb/s and can be accessed using the network (SSID): “prg.aero-free“. Users are redirected to this home page every five minutes.

An extended version of the wireless Internet connection service within Prague Airport premises is the option of a paid hotspot network running at speeds of up to 10Mbit/s. Connections are provided via the network (SSID): “prg.aero-hotspot” or via the network (SSID): “tmobile”. These connections are not subject to any limitations.

Payment for the extended service (paid hotspot) can only be processed online using a credit or debit card. The T-Mobile hotspot service can be used by T-Mobile customers and virtually any client who purchases either a hard-copy or electronic voucher (similar to a pre-paid Twist Coupon, or you can buy a coupon online using a Visa or EC/MC card). The voucher prices start at 150 CZK, depending on the time purchased.