Do You Want to Save Money on Your Arrival in Prague?

If you want to save up to 30 percent when you exchange your currency at Vaclav Havel Airport, wait until you reach the Prague city centre to exchange the money. Exchange offices operated at Prague Airport offer very unfavourable rates. You can get less than 18 crowns per euro, while the usual rate is around 25 crowns. For comparison, the airport supermarket Billa calculates a rate of 25 crowns for one euro when paying in euros. It is also not recommended to use EURONET non-bank exchange networks that charge extra withdrawal fees along with unfavourable rates. Another recommendation is to consider not using airport taxis in front of terminals. According to the clients’ emails, they often charge expensive fares, which are up to three times that of alternative companies such as Prague Airport Transfers, UBER or Bolt. Complaints are also frequent on various practices of increasing fares by intentionally taking longer routes to your destination. Passengers also complain about the value-quality ratio of restaurant services. Pilsner beer at the Prague Ruzyně Airport costs as much as 149 crowns, while for comparison, the usual price is 40 to 50 crowns. It is thus good to compare several restaurants or better use those located in the arrival area before you check-in. These are usually noticeably cheaper.

Would You Like to Save Time at the Airport After Arriving in Prague?

Do not allow excess baggage or prams to be checked in. If possible, hand in the strollers at the entrance to the aircraft and have them unloaded from the aircraft upon arrival. If you check them in, they will be unloaded last. Sometimes unloading takes more than an hour. If you arrive at Terminal 1 and have an EU passport, use automatic gateways faster than classic passport control. If you plan to use public transport, buy tickets through the slot machine rather than waiting in the queue at the kiosk with service. If you plan to use a taxi as a form of transport, book it in advance. You will avoid long waits, especially at peak times.

Which Flights Are Most Often Delayed?

As a rule, evening flights tend to be delayed. The most delayed flights are Smart Wings, Czech Airlines and other low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Wizzair and RyanAir. However, airlines are often artificially prolonging the flights. Therefore, it is common for a long-haul flight to land an hour earlier because airlines deliberately increase flight time. According to an AirHelp spokesperson, padding is helping the airline not only to arrive on time but, above all, to circumvent the European Union’s three-hour maximum delay limit. This minimizes the possibility that they would have to pay clients any financial compensation.