LuggageWe want to remind passengers that, to ensure a smooth check-in process, luggage weight limits must be strictly observed. No official international standards regulate the size and dimensions of hold and hand baggage; rules vary according to individual airlines, seating classes, destinations and distances.

If you are travelling on a low-cost flight, you will probably be charged extra for your luggage. Low-cost airlines are also well known for strict luggage policies – it is recommended that you check your exact luggage weight in order not to pay extra for additional weight. Other airlines normally allow 23kg per passenger in economy class and 32kg in business class or first class. Some airlines allow only one piece of a checked bag, while some do not impose limits (only a weight limit – check with your airline).

Hold Luggage

Rules concerning hold luggage check-in may be found on your boarding pass or obtained directly from your airline.

Large Items of Luggage and Animals

Large items of luggage such as skis, surfboards, musical instruments, bicycles, umbrellas, etc., will be accepted. Transport costs vary from airline to airline. Check-in for large items of luggage and animals must be done at oversized luggage counters. Please obtain precise information from your airline prior to check-in. Small dogs and cats are accepted by some airlines as carry-on items.

Hand Luggage

Only one piece of hand luggage may be taken onboard the aircraft. Since there are no international standards governing the size or dimensions of hand luggage, please ask your airline for information.

Maximum safety is assured by checking luggage and complying with security regulations. Under EU regulations, some unsafe objects are forbidden from being brought on board for security reasons. Please familiarise yourself in advance with the items that fall into this category and are forbidden. For further information, check our “Security Rules” section.

Baggage Deposit

For those using Prague just as a transit airport and willing to send at least a few hours in the city centre, there is an option to leave the luggage in baggage deposit, which is affordable and comfortable. The price for each item is 120 CZK up to for 24 hours. You leave the luggage and get a receipt which you must keep and show, when you want the suitcase back. The service works around the clock.