What needs to be done before the aeroplane takes off? How many airlines fly to Prague? Who are the most unusual employees of the airport? These questions and even more will be answered during the airport backstage tours. Even during the winter season, you can enjoy your visit to Prague Airport and get to know it better! If it is raining or snowing, you will have the opportunity to see different machines used for winter maintenance of the airport and to keep its aeroplanes working (e.g. defrosting of aeroplanes before departing). All tours need to be pre-booked!

Prague Airport has been organizing backstage tours for those who would love to pilot a plane, for ladies who would like to try how it feels to be a flight attendant, and also for your curious little kids who love planes! You can choose from several tours during which you can access runways and hangars and visit firefighters in their station, who are always prepared for action. Lovers of aerial photos will enjoy a special tour with a possibility to spend more time in the vicinity of planes during their take-off and landing and take beautiful pictures for their family album!

Winter tours take place from 5th January to 31st March, even in bad weather conditions! If it snows, you will have an opportunity to watch many winter machines working, including defrosting of aeroplanes before the take-off and other fascinating operations. These excursions are suitable for small and also bigger kids, adults and seniors. Also, during the spring holiday (from 6th February to 19th March), some individual tours are planned.

One Airport, Seven Tour Circuits

Prague Airport can be discovered in detail during our tours. You can choose from seven tour circuits, each of which will take you no more than two hours. All tours need to be pre-booked on the website of the airport. All guided tours begin in Terminal 3.

And what do you actually see during the tour? The first route will take you to areas you already know if you have travelled from Prague Airport. You will see the check-in areas of all terminals, the terminal for government flights, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic, the rescue service areas and the VIP saloons. Route 3 offers a similar program – a walking tour in Terminal 1 and 2, specially designed for all visitors from the area of tourism and services, who have reached the age of 15.

Raptors – Unusual Airport Workers

Younger children will enjoy Tour 2. During this tour, you will visit a rescue fire station, travel by bus around planes, and get to know various professions and activities that need to be done before a plane takes off and after it arrives. You will get some information about the biological protection of the airport, which prevents the planes from colliding with birds and other animals. And you will also meet the raptors – the unexpected “employees” of the airport.

You can meet the birds when choosing Tour 5 too. This one is accessible for all visitors who have reached the age of six. Apart from the biological protection of the airport, you will access hangars of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic, the Travel Service Company and the Airport Surfaces Control that takes care of the runways. During the tour, you will also visit the training centre of Czech Airlines.

If you are more interested in the safety conditions of the airport, don’t hesitate to choose Tour 4. The guide will lead you to the areas of a rescue fire station, including the polygon. You will learn about the work of airport firefighters and about different extinguishing methods of certain types of aeroplanes.

Tour 6 will lead you to a rescue service station with its employee – a fireman, who will explain how the station works and what techniques they use. Of course, you will be able to see the runways and planes during their take-off and landing.

Tour F (photo-tour) is a special tour, not only for amateur photographers who will have an opportunity to take pictures of planes from a ridiculously small distance, from runways, with the possibility of getting off the bus. It is suitable for visitors who have reached the age of 15. The tour is approximately 150 minutes long.

Viewing Platforms Near the Airport

In the airport’s immediate vicinity, lovers of airport operation can admire departures and arrivals of aeroplanes thanks to viewing earthworks near the villages of Kněževes and Hostivice. From these viewpoints, you can take photos of everything going on on the airport surfaces, above the level of the fence around the airport area.

The viewpoints are located in the two most frequented spotter places – near the runway RWY 06/24, which is easily accessible from Kněževes, and near the crossing of take-off and landing runways RWY 12/30 and RWY 06/24, which is accessible by a footpath from the town of Hostivice.

The airport’s viewpoints have been supplemented by information boards displaying some curiosities about regular types of planes and a map of the airport. The viewpoints and their surroundings are being controlled due to safety instructions on a regular basis.