Just buying a ticket, getting to the airport or going through security checks can be stressful for many people. Therefore, we would like to advise you to prepare everything in advance and avoid any stress or queues at the airport. After all, shopping at one of the many shops is much more enjoyable or relaxing at the terminals before departure.

What to Think About Before Leaving for the Airport

Be sure to check all your flight information in time – the date and time of departure, the airline’s name and the number of pieces of luggage, including their dimensions and weight limits, which may vary for each airline. It is important also to check your travel documents and their validity and to request any visas in advance. If you travel with children, do not forget to request their travel documents in time.

Passengers should also respect the rules, numbers, and limits of baggage they take with them on board (so-called hand luggage) and those that check in to the cargo area (so-called checked baggage). No prohibited items – weapons, explosives, and imitations – may be carried in checked baggage. Also, be aware of repellents or pepper sprays, which must not be carried in any bag because they contain flammable, toxic or irritating substances. Passengers are also often mistaken for carrying power banks, electronic cigarettes or other spare batteries. These items are only allowed in hand luggage. Doing this will save time, additional charges for breaking the limits, and, most importantly, any stress at the airport check-in.

Get Ready For Security Checks While at Home

When packing the luggage you want to take with you, prepare for the security check by finding out what you can take on board. It is important to keep these instructions in mind at home:

Liquids or gels may only be carried in hand baggage containers of a capacity not exceeding 100 ml. For example, mascara or toothpaste is also considered a fluid. In addition, liquids must be placed in a maximum of one sealable and transparent bag of up to 1 litre, and you can place everything you need in it when you are at home. This will save valuable time at the airport.

Always keep all electronics, electronic cigarettes and spare batteries in your carry-on baggage. This also applies to power banks and various cables or charging stations.

Do Not Carry Any Prohibited Items

Put liquids and electronics on top of your luggage.

Pack the liquids bag, notebook, or tablet on top of your luggage for easy access. You must pull them out again at the airport and submit them separately for security checks. If you forget a transparent bag, you will get it right at the Prague airport, but it is better to prepare everything at home.

Take Everything Out of Your Pockets

All personal items you carry with you at the airport, especially all metal objects, must be presented at the security checkpoint. Therefore, think of belts, watches, some jewellery, coins, and shoes that can have metal in them. The outerwear or headgear will also need to be put aside.

What Are the Most Frequent Passenger Mistakes?

Get to the airport on time – due to challenging summer season queues, we recommend being there 2-3 hours before departure.

Prohibited and problematic items – power banks, electronic cigarettes, spare batteries, and any electronics – hand luggage only; repellents and pepper sprays – not in any luggage!

On-board liquids and cosmetics – only 100 ml packs are placed in one transparent and reclosable bag, which must be presented separately for inspection.

Documents – validity, visa, check that you have your own valid travel document and not someone else´s from the family; the child must have his/her own document.

Luggage – follow the limits, numbers and prescribed dimensions of your luggage from your airline; we recommend tagging your luggage with a contact tag and securing it with a so-called TSA lock (red diamond lock).

Passport Control and Check-in – don’t wait in queues; with most airlines, you can check in online or through a self-service kiosk and pass the terminal faster using the E-gate.

Useful Facilities

Drinking fountains – tap water into an empty PET bottle behind the safety check.

Prague Airport websites and applications – tracking flights and receiving notifications about a specific flight – when waiting or leaving yourself.

Children’s corners and rooms for parents with children; strollers are free to borrow at the airport at several stations. Return the stroller before boarding.

Information Assistants – if you don’t know what to do about anything, please get in touch with the red t-shirts Information Assistant or the Information Desk.

There is a new relaxation zone at Terminal 2, with free entry.

At the end of June 2019, Prague Airport opened a special security control line at Terminal 2, which is intended only for passengers with children in a stroller and at the airport for a fee of CZK 150/person. Fast track has been introduced at Terminal 2; a passenger does not have to be a business class passenger but can purchase this service online and soon in the airport kiosk.

If you do not know what to do with some of the rules, you can find all the detailed information on the airport website at www.prg.aero.