Prague Airport offers testing points directly at the airport, where passengers can be tested for COVID-19 and obtain the required certificate upon returning to the Czech Republic or before their departure. Testing is available for all travellers but is not intended for indicated patients referred for a test by their GP. Passengers with valid air tickets or who are planning a trip abroad will be prioritized, while private payers will be tested subject to available capacity at each testing point.

Passengers who are required to prove a negative COVID-19 test result before their departure or upon their arrival at their destination and want to use airport testing facilities are generally advised to allow sufficient time for the test and the result delivery with respect to their departure from Prague. Travellers are served on a first-come, first-served basis, as reservations are impossible due to high demand. Waiting time for taking samples might vary from 10 minutes up to a few hours during peak time.

COVID-19 Testing in the Public Area

One testing point is located in the public area of the airport, namely in the connecting corridor between Terminals 1 and 2. It is primarily designated for passengers who are departing for a destination where a negative test is required and for arriving passengers.

COVID-19 Testing in the Transit Area

Two checkpoints are located on the airside in the non-public area of both terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). The hours of operation of these two points depend on arrival traffic and current needs. They are expected to be used primarily by passengers on arrival, who are either obliged to submit a negative COVID-19 test result with regard to the destination from which they are travelling or who want to take the test voluntarily to ensure their good health.

Test Results by Sms

Unless you pay for an express 2-hour test, you will get your PCR test result within a standard time limit of 24 hours via a text message sent to a phone number with a country code or by e-mail.

Times of Operations

Testing at Prague Airport is available daily from 4 AM to midnight at the testing point in the connecting corridor between the terminals in the public area, and from 7 AM to 7 PM in Terminal 1 in the non-public area.


GHC Genetics provides the service. The price of the standard RT-PCR COVID-19 test from GHC Genetics is CZK 1,750/EUR 65. The price of an express test with a result within two hours is CZK 7,500/EUR 280. If required by a passenger, the surcharge for a doctor’s confirmation of the test result is CZK 550/EUR 20. All testing points accept both payment cards and cash. The price can be paid in CZK or euros.


Testing at the airport is provided by the private company GHC Genetics, which uses an accredited laboratory for performing sample analysis.

To check the current capacity and estimate waiting time, call +420 739 500 500.


How long do I have to wait for my RT-PCR test result?

You will get your PCR test result within 12 to 24 hours via a text message sent to a telephone number with a country code or by e-mail. If you choose an express time limit, you will learn your RT-PCR test within two hours from sample collection.

Is a negative test sufficient to travel to my destination from Prague Airport?

For up-to-date information on rules that apply to a specific country and the current measures for border crossings, refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic at

Do I have to report my RT-PCR test result to the relevant authorities?

No, the result of your COVID-19 RT-PCR test does not have to be reported to a public health office.

Are young children required to have a test?

To comply with conditions when crossing state borders of a country requiring an examination and a COVID-19 RT-PCR test, all persons must be tested, regardless of their age.

How is the sample collected?

Samples are collected with a disposable swab that is inserted into the nose. Viruses multiply in the cells of the upper airway passage mucosa; therefore, it is necessary to take a sample of the mucosa for the test to be as accurate as possible.

In what language will the confirmation of the COVID-19 RT-PCR test be issued?

It can be issued in Czech, English, or Russian.

The Testing Facility Near Prague Airport

Customers of some travel agencies like Fischer and Exim Tours can be tested at the Go Parking testing spot near the airport. People order the test when buying a holiday package with a discounted price of 990 CZK. They can come for it even two days before departure, and if they arrive on the day of departure, they will know the result in about an hour.