Carrying Medication

If you need medication during the flight or are only travelling with hand baggage, some exceptions to the general rules regarding restrictions on liquids, sprays and gels on board the plane will apply to you. Any medication needed during the flight can be transported without limitations on the packaging volume; however, you should always report this to the security check staff.

Eye drops, or painkillers are always deemed necessary medication and can be taken without volume restrictions. We always recommend that you have confirmation from your physician.

We always recommend taking the prescription from your doctor or confirmation from the medical facility with you; security staff may ask for such a confirmation.

When travelling to certain countries, it is advised to carry a valid vaccination record on an international vaccination card.

Carrying Money

You can only carry up to EUR 10,000 across the border or equivalent in a different currency. If you hold more cash, you must report this to the customs authorities. If you are travelling from one EU country to another, you must inform this in both countries. Otherwise, the customs officers may seize the carried amount or apply other penalties. Remember that the customs authorities may perform personal searches.

Limits on carrying alcohol, tobacco and money across borders within the EU can be seen on the European Union website.

Prohibited Items

Armed persons are not permitted to travel on civil aircraft unless they are travelling in compliance with the particular legal regulations valid in the Czech Republic or unless they have explicit authorization or a permit has been issued by the Ministry of the Interior. As amended, the export, import and transit of weapons and ammunition is regulated and forbidden by Act no. 119/2002 Coll. on Firearms and Ammunition. Passengers must declare firearms or ammunition to the airline and the Police of the Czech Republic before they are travelling. The security checks on declared weapons and ammunition, including those by the Police of the Czech Republic, are generally conducted in the oversized baggage check-in counter area at the appropriate Terminal.

Allowed Items to Carry Cabin or Checked Baggage

Item Cabin Baggage Checked Baggage
Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, music players OK OK
Liquids, aerosols and gels in containers holding 100 ml or less OK OK
Liquid medicines baby food in quantity needed for the duration of the flight OK OK
Knives and scissors with blades shorter than 6 cm (does not apply to tactical, combat, hunting and non-standard types of knives) OK OK
Work tools (drills, hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, etc.), medical equipment NO  OK
Firearms and imitation firearms (paintball guns, airsoft guns, starting pistols, gas pistols, etc.), ammunition NO  OK
Hockey sticks, fishing rods, paddles, golf clubs, ski poles NO  OK
Explosives and improvised explosive devices, detonators, consumer pyrotechnics NO NO
Acids, corrosive substances, flammable substances, electronic lighters NO NO
Pressure containers and gasses of any kind (e.g. propane and butane mixtures, self-defence sprays) NO NO
Toxic or infectious substances, radioactive substances, flammable solid and liquid substances, repellents NO NO
Lithium batteries and devices containing lithium batteries YES NO