CrowdsAll travellers with an electronic ticket travelling with specific airlines can be cleared using the self-service check-in kiosks. If the self-service departure kiosk cannot be used for the given flight, you will be notified to use the standard check-in at the counter.

Identification at the self-service departure kiosks is carried out via several checks: manually entering the number of the electronic ticket or reservation code, reading the passport and any paying card with a magnetic strip or already printed boarding card, entering the number of the electronic ticket and manually entering the numbers of cards of selected fidelity programmes.

If you are travelling with hand luggage only, you may check-in and pass directly to the respective departure exit without further waiting.

If you have luggage for check-in, deliver it to the special counter marked “Baggage drop-off” located at the standard traveller check-in, and receive a ticket for the respective luggage. Continue on to security or passport check. Airlines that support this method of traveller check-in are listed here.

This method of traveller check-in offers a speedy and straightforward way to shorten check-in time so that you may make better use of your time at Prague Airport.

Crowds at Prague Airport