Travel Service will add another flight between Prague and London at the end of May. People do not fly most often to the main Heathrow Airport, but to Stansted on this route.

A total of 13 flights will thus be dispatched from Prague to the British capital every day.

Prague is a Popular Destination Among English People

London has significantly strengthened its position ahead of the cities to which most people fly from Prague, over the past months. The number of passengers increased by 21 % in January. Eighty thousand people flew on routes between Ruzyně and four London airports in January.

The reason is mainly that supply has increased and prices are very low due to competition.

Despite heavy competition, other lines will also be added from the summer flight schedule. Travel Service will begin to fly under the SmartWings brand to Gatwick Airport twice
a day from 26 May; they currently fly once a day. If the flight schedules of other carriers do not change, 13 flights between Prague and London will be offered every day from May.

“The reason is the already proven high demand for our flights to London when the summer flight schedule applies,” explained Vlaďka Dufková, the spokesperson of Travel Service. An evening return from Prague at eight o’clock is also added to the existing line departing from Prague after lunch.

This is despite the fact that when Travel Service entered the route last year, many people in the industry did not give them a high chance. Travel Service is not too well-known to local customers in Great Britain and, moreover, it flies at times similar to those of rival easyJet. easyJet is mostly cheaper.

The demand on the route is pulled mainly by low-cost companies; also the statistics for the airports in London to which most people fly from Prague show this. For the first time, the leading airport in January was not the main London Heathrow Airport, but Stansted. easyJet flies there, and also Ryanair entered the route with two flights a day in the last year. This was also evident from the prices; with a bit of luck, you can regularly get a return air ticket below CZK 1500.

With its 80 thousand passengers, London dominates the statistics of the cities to which passengers fly the most from Prague. In January, Moscow, with 53 thousand passengers, was the second city.