Parking at the airport in Ruzyně is extremely complicated for a driver who is here for the first time. Moreover, the traffic signs are not ideal and cause much inconvenience for drivers. The airport management knows about the problems.

Pavel Sisr had an unpleasant experience with the airport. “The car park at Terminal 2 – Arrivals deviates slightly from the common idea of fifteen-minute free parking. Here this does not apply and the rate is 50 Czech crowns per hour,” complains Sisr. “The car park is situated at the end of a one-way dead-end street and so if you drive in it, you have no choice but to drive through the car park for the minimum rate of fifty Czech crowns,” says the annoyed driver.

The winning design of the town-planning and traffic solution to the public area in front of Terminals 1 and 2 at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague by rala s.r.o. Visualization.

He could get away from the paid traps because the barrier system enables one to drive through free for five minutes. However, the driver had no idea that he had driven into a place where you have to pay and wasted these five minutes.
Sisr is also angry with the airport because of the signs. “The information panels over the main access road for the car park report ‘Free’ in large type but for 0 minutes not too conspicuously.” Sisr taps his forehead.

The Airport Claims that it Cannot Change the Signs Immediately

The airport suspects that its car park is complicated. “We are aware that parking may not be easy for some passengers at our airport. Especially for those passengers who do not travel often, the airport area may look complicated,” says Marika Janoušková, the airport spokesperson.

According to her words, workers are permanently devoted to orientation in the car park. “Some things cannot be changed as quickly as we would like to do it. For example, in the case of the road markings we are bound by the conditions and time limits of the authorities, under the competence of which the road signs come,” says Janoušková, and adds in one breath that the airport is negotiating the replacement of the notices with new ones, more clearly arranged and easier to understand for passengers.