Emirates airline company is going to use the largest passenger transport airplane for a direct airline from Prague and will be the first company in Czech Republic to do so. Since the 1st of May 2016 the aircraft is going to fly daily on an airline to Dubai.

Airbus A380 will replace Boeing 777-300ER flying the airline in the present. Emirates will be the first and only company flying this airplane to Prague. The company has announced it on Thursday in a press release. On the same airline there are two more providing airline companies, the low-cost FlyDubai and Smartwings.

The airport in Prague has undergone a costly terminal modification in the past so the A380 aircraft could fly here. Originally there was a talk about Korean Air’s plans, however they still have not put their largest plane on an airline to Prague.

Thanks to the new aircraft the airline’s capacity is going to grow by 44 per cent: contemporary Boeing is fitted for 360 seats while A380 is going to have 519 seats in three travel classes including 14 private cabins with a shower in the first class. In the economic class there will be 429 seats 76 seats in the business class.

Since the airline’s launch in July 2010 Emirates transported over a million of passengers from Prague. “Launching the A380 is an important milestone for our team and we are very proud of everything we achieved since establishment of the airline in 2010,” says Bořivoj Trejbal, head of Emirates’ representatives in Czech.

The largest passenger transport aircraft in the world has appeared in Prague for just three times yet as a part of transport providers’ marketing events. The first ones to fly it were Lufthansa, then Korean Air and then Emirates in the last year. They are also the biggest provider of this aircraft type in the world.