A total of 12,030,928 passengers passed through the Václav Havel Airport last year. That is 7.9 percent more than the year before. The busiest month was August, when most passengers were travelling around Europe. A total of 1,377,433 passengers passed through the airport in Prague in August 2015 alone. It had become the busiest month recorded by the airport last year. The most passengers per day, exactly 49,752, passed through here on Sunday, 16 August. The average daily number of passengers reached 32,961.

“In a year-over-year comparison, this is the largest increase in at least the past 10 years. Intensive negotiations with the airlines and a new program of discount incentives, with which the airport was actively motivating existing partners to open up new destinations and deploy larger aircraft, also contributed to the significant increase. It also attracted new carriers to Prague.  The result was 27 new routes and the arrival of eight new airlines on the Czech market in the last year. A roughly five percent increase in the number of passengers at the Prague Airport can also be expected in 2016, provided that no unexpected changes in tourist movements occur.

In 2015, 64 airlines flew to Prague on regular routes to 141 destinations. Most of the passengers (90.6 percent) from the Prague Airport took flights around Europe as usual. The second largest portion were flights to the Middle East (3.4 percent). Flights to African destinations made up 3.2 percent.

Passengers most often travelled on flights between Prague and the UK and Prague and German destinations. On these routes, a significant year-over-year increase in passenger numbers took place. The number of people on their way to Italy increased, whereby it surpassed Russia on the list of the most popular destinations and occupied third place. The fourth place belongs to Russia, for which a decline in the interest of Russian passengers is reflected. France became the fifth most popular country.

Airports that were most frequently flown to were in Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Moscow (Sheremetyevo), Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London (Heathrow). The airport London-Stansted with the largest increase in passengers became the jumper of the year.