Václav Havel Airport has significantly extended its security measures. The individual security elements cost 187 million crowns. Among them we can even find a system for recognising stolen vehicles inside of the area of the airport. These security measures should find their way into all of the other international airports in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to a system of security measures that was put in place in the Václav Havel Airport, the airport became a much safer place. The outside areas of the airport are watched over by cameras that are scanning the plates of incoming vehicles. This system can thus recognise stolen vehicles.

The level of security is also upped by automatic gates that are checking the travellers, and passport readers. The Customs Office has new devices for radiation detection. The police can now train in the airport itself, thanks to virtual reality. Out of all the new counter-measures, the only one not functioning is the facial recognition system which is only in its pilot state.

In the following years, these measures should make their way into the other Czech International airports. Brno, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Pardubice are all planning to invest in them with a total investment of 585 million crowns.