This spring, Prague will gain a very convenient connection to New York. Even though passengers will have to change at Frankfurt Airport, the overall cost should stay under 10,000 crowns, with an expected arrival in NYC at eleven. The connection to Frankfurt will be operated by Lufthansa, with the additional connection to NYC operated by Singapore Airlines.

This great connection is possible thanks to a change in the departure plan of Lufthansa in Prague, which will mean Lufthansa will have a plane departing at 6am. Passengers will arrive at JFK airport in NYC at 11:10am local time.

“This is great news for Czech travellers. Singapore Airlines are one of the best airlines in the world, so you can expect great, first-class service for a reasonable price,” adds Josef Trejbal, director of Letuš

The flights to New York from Frankfurt will be operated by an Airbus A380 with four travel classes. Economy class tickets start at 9480, with business class tickets starting at 55,429.

“A direct connection to NYC from Prague is only operated during the summer. That’s why travellers have been using connections through London, Paris and Amsterdam,” stated Marika Janoušková. “The Prague-NYC market has grown by 21% and we now see about 75,000 passengers flying this connection yearly. The NYC-Prague market is pretty seasonal, with the main demand generated in the second and third quarter,” adds Janoušková.