The goal of the tender held by Prague Airport was to increase the quality of taxi services for visitors. During the first round, participants accepted new contractual terms and submitted evidence of meeting the set qualification criteria (such as a clean record, adequate professional and technical predispositions to operate a taxi service and a business plan). Participants also confirmed that they are able to guarantee, in line with a pro-client-orientated approach, the set qualitative parameters, such as the language command of their drivers, accommodating behavior, cleanliness of cars and representative attire of drivers. The quality of service will also increase thanks to new conditions set in the contracts, such as free Wi-Fi and the availability of a car within five minutes of the moment it is requested by a passenger, 24/7. These requirements are based on passenger requests received. Based on discussions with taxi service providers, alongside other criteria, the maximum age of cars has been set at three years.

The two-round tender was announced due to the termination of five-year contracts with the current taxi service providers, namely AAA Radiotaxi and FIX, and was preceded by several months of joint and public discussions with all potential tender participants in order to ensure entirely transparent conditions being made clear to tender participants, in line with all current operational prerequisites of taxi service markets.

On 31.8.2016, the new highest bidders, FIX and TAXI PRAHA, won the tender. Each of them offered approximately 4 million CZK for monthly privileged first lane parking. That is equal to a Prague Airport profit of approximately 200 CZK for every minute.