This summer season 2019, Prague Airport introduces new services for passengers with children. This is primarily a special passage through the security check on Terminal 2, which is mainly intended for passengers with children in a stroller.

In the foreseeable future, seven children’s playgrounds will be reconstructed directly in the premises of the waiting areas. Nearly 1.5 million passengers with children went through the airport in 2018. Families with children thus represent an important customer segment for Prague Airport.

„One of the long-term goals of Prague Airport is the expansion and improvement of services for families with children, which represent an important customer segment for us. Compared to other airports in this segment, Prague Airport falls far behind. Therefore, before this year´s main summer season, we are coming up with a new service that will make it easier for passengers with children to get through the airport. This is a separate security check at Terminal 2, with a playful design and serviced by specially trained security personnel,” says Jakub Puchalský, Executive Director, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Prague Airport.

All employees of the airport security control will receive special training to work on a separate family with children security check. It will have about 500 employees.

In addition to the special security check at Terminal 2, Vaclav Havel Airport Prague passengers with children can also use a total of ten children’s playgrounds, mini playgrounds and larger spaces called “baby rooms”. The newest of the children’s playgrounds were opened this year at luggage pick-up in Terminal 1 or in the Terminal 2 commercial zone. Seven children’s playgrounds, located directly at the boarding gates in the airport’s transit area, will be reconstructed.

The airport also offers dozens of strollers to be rented for free that are designed for a comfortable journey with the child from the check-in counter to boarding the plane, where the stroller is returned. Most of the toilets in the airport, including men’s, are also equipped with changing tables.