At the end of December Prague airport defeated its previous record. More than 15 million of passangers was checked-in, which is the highest number during all 80 years. Last year, it was 13 million. For the biggest airport in the Czech Republic is the whole year full of records, that are connected with operation of the airport.

“We are very proud, that after less than a year, we can announce other important milestone of our airport,” says the CEO of the Prague Airport, Václav Řehoř.

„Our record was only possible thanks to all passengers, who choose more and more Václav Havel airport. Our thanks go also to our employees for their intensive effort to provide the best service. The fact, that according to the last survey, experience of our passenges get better and better and the perception of the airport has also improved. That is an important indicator of success for me,” joys Řehoř.

Record results have been here during the whole year and the airport is one of the best developing airports in Europe in its category (10 – 25 million checked-in passengers). “Prague airport si now viewed as an interesting partner for many important companies, either new ones or those building up more capacities or freqvency,” adds Řehoř.

At Ruzyně airport landed and took off more than 139 thousand planes. Altogether 8 million pieces of luggage were checked-in, out of which 100 000 were transit one.

In a half of a year, 6,8 million of passengers went through the airport which is an increase of 20 per cent. The biggest growth was: between Prague and Africa and lines to Near East and Far East.

But altogether: among passengers the most popular connections are flights to Paris, Moscow and Amsterdam. According to the last published data from this October: 69 thousand passengers travelled from Prague to Paris, over 63 thousand to or from Moscow and almost 62 thousand to Amsterdam.