The two largest Korean airlines – Korean Air and Asiana Airlines – have decided to significantly reduce the number of first-class flights they offer. Limits will also affect flights to Prague.

Korean Air will cancel its first class in June, according to The Straits Times, on 27 international routes. The most expensive and most comfortable class will only remain on 35 international carrier lines, i.e. about 30 percent. “We opted for a two-class arrangement for flights mainly to tourist destinations, where demand for first-class is lower,” stated Korean Air.

Changes will also affect the route to Prague, but only with the advent of the winter flight schedule. “During the winter, when we deploy the B787-9 Dreamliner, we will be offering an economic and business (Prestige) class,” said Michal Ohnesorg, a Korean Air representative in the Czech Republic.

Asiana is also reducing first-class availability. It has previously ceased to offer first-class on all aircraft except the A380 and will no longer offer it on any line as of September 1st, as reported by The Points Guy server.

Airlines have recently invested significantly in premium classes, but mostly into business or premium economy rather than first class.