The new investor The Prague Outlet promised that the stores will open by Autumn 2017. Then the holidays came, and there was silence once again along the path around the fashion centre. Now it appears that the project has started up again. The building was bought by the Spanish developer Neinver.

“The interior is based on the traditional architecture of the Old Town of Prague. It will provide an extraordinary experience of outlet shopping in the spirit of the famous shopping streets in Prague with premium brands under one roof,” says the developer. The new project is called “Prague The Style Outlets”.

Although there is already a huge outlet in the capital, fashion experts believe that the locals will flock to Tuchoměřice.

“Czechs still react to discounts, so there is definitely potential in it,” says Aneta Pečená, dealmaker of the fashion company Zoot. Although outlet stores offer cheaper goods permanently, customers mainly flock to them when the store announces a special sale.

“It is for example the so-called night shopping that brings something unusual and special compared to other events,” says Jan Procházka, director of the outlet centre Freeport Fashion Outlet.

The fashion market is currently undergoing a change, according to him. “In recent years we are seeing that the interest and willingness of Czech customers to invest in high-quality fashion apparel is growing,” says Procházka.

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