You do not need to eat at home before going to the airport, neither do you need to prepare any snacks. You can eat at the airport. You can get a tasty lunch for 95 Czech crowns. The range of restaurants available is huge. Everyone will be satisfied – even lovers of international specialties, light meals, or even traditional Czech cuisine.

Where to eat a delicious lunch for less than one hundred crowns? Just follow the signs to the self-service Restaurant Praha in the public part of the arrival hall of terminal one, or the “Food Court” in the transit space of the terminal, meant for flights outside the Schengen zone.


Restaurant Praha is open 24 hours a day and has a new menu, where you can find regular offers that include, for example, schnitzel (145 CZK). On the menu, there are always three meals under 100 CZK and you may choose from many offers of fresh snacks or homemade cakes and desserts. For our little ones, there are two new main meals: penne all arrabbiata with parmesan (50 CZK) or salmon nuggets with boiled potatoes or French fries (65 CZK).


For those who only fancy a small snack, the airport can also offer this, but that is nothing new. If you depart from Terminal 2 to a country in Schengen, you can’t miss stand Aerosnack, whose original design looks like a plane. There you can buy fresh baguettes or sandwiches from 69 CZK and drinks from 35 CZK. You can even take this snack into the plane, because you can buy baguettes and sandwiches in sealed packages.


If you don’t want to buy drinks while waiting for your flight, you can find many places (after all check-ins) in both terminals, where you can get drinkable water for free.