From April 2019, Prague will have direct flights to Bangkok. The line will operate a Thai offshoot of Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia X and in addition to the Czech metropolis, it will offer a direct connection with Vienna and Stockholm. Referred by Reuters from Tony Fernandes, the Executive Director.

AirAsia X has ordered a hundred Airbus A330 aircrafts. Fernandes said that in April 2019, two more purchased aircrafts would be launched, launching a Thai line of airlines to three of the European metropolises. They see the potential and the possibility of growth, which is not at all unreasonable – Thailand is one of the popular destinations of the Czechs.

AirAsia X, the sister company of AirAsia, plans to restructure the company. It therefore decided to launch an IPO, the initial public offering of shares.

As part of the process, it wants to focus on countries which it would like to dominate with its lines. These are mainly Asian states like Japan, South Korea, China and India, but also Australia, said Fernandes. He also added that he plans to cancel the lines that do not experience any growth.