You may have come across this picture on social networks on Tuesday. It shows paper mounted on a car, announcing the necessity to pay a parking fee of CZK 62,400, and is marked by the parking team of Prague Airport. It should have been paid by a driver who left his car in places where people are usually left and picked up when flying.

However, the origin of the call is not clear. That’s what the airport spokesman states.

A cautionary warning apparently mounted on a gray or silver car told the driver that his car was in a short-stay car park where the parking is 100 crowns for half an hour. Furthermore, the report stated that Prague Airport would require CZK 62,400 to be paid, a car registration plate was mentioned, and a grammatical error spiced things up.

The phone number mentioned on the paper does indeed direct to parking control, and even the airport logo that keeps the note on the car cause no doubts. When we drove to the airport on Tuesday evening, we did not find a car in the most expensive parking area.

Prague Airport spokesman Roman Pacvoň responded to the request for a statement by sending the same message to more than one media. This, in addition, began to appear on behalf of Prague airport under the statuses on social networks where people discussed the picture.