Tipping Trick

Most businesses and restaurants visited by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) at Prague Ruzyne Airport discriminated against foreign clients. Violations of the law occurred in five of the seven audited facilities.

Among other things, ČOI employees found out that foreigners were automatically charged 53 CZK extra when paying for food and drink in these establishments, while Czechs were not.

Moreover, the restaurant staff did not offer nor sell water at a more favourable price to foreign guests ordering food. Czech-speaking clients got their menu with an offer of drink 19 CZK cheaper.

Other findings of the inspectors concerned the price of the products. According to the inspectors, the customers on the premises were not informed of the final price of the products for which the percentage was discounted and the specific price of the packaged food products to decide whether to buy it or not.

And the last minor finding – the consumer had not been properly served after paying the bill, for example, being given change back.

However, discrimination not only concerns foreigners. Czech-speaking consumers were not allowed to sit at the restaurant table and place an order, but English-speaking customers were seated in peace.

The checks were carried out in cooperation with the customs office representatives in three working days, in the departure hall of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, where people can only get to check in with a valid ticket. Besides, neither of the six vending machines inspected in the departures of terminals 1 and 2 were found guilty of any violations of the law, CTO spokesman Jiri Fröhlich told CTK on Tuesday.

The operators shall be fined for the errors, the amount of which will be decided in administrative proceedings.