The Prague Airport comes with changes that aim to make the waiting for their flight more enjoyable for passengers and to lure back many customers who often choose a departure from another local airport. This way the Prague Airports tries to reduce its bad reputation, coming from over-expensive services, at least partially.

The Prague Airport company comes with more news as part of their “We change the airport for you” campaign – in all the premises of the Prague airport you can no buy bottled water for a favourable price not exceeding 1 euro (27 CZK) and in the winter season the lowest cost for parking for eight days will be 590 CZK.

In all the vending machines within the Václav Havel Airport Prague you can now buy a 0.5 litre of bottled water for less than 1 euro. In the public part you can buy it for 22 CZK and behind the safety or passport check the cost is 27 CZK. Coffee can be bought for 25 CK and non-alcoholic drinks range from 20 to 40 CZK. In both of the terminals there are drinking fountains which you can use for free.


The Prague Airport offers favourable prices for water and hot meals

“We promised our passengers to reduce the cost of water to less than 1 euro in September and I am really glad that we managed to cooperate with a new supplier of drink vending machines on modifying the prices already since the winter season’s beginning. We keep negotiating with the leaseholders about the options of improving the value for money, while the prices for hot meals in the airport restaurant still start at 81 CZK.


The Prague Airport keeps improving the standards of travelling. What can you expect?

Previous changes regarding improving the quality of passengers’ services reached success. Thanks to better value for money the visit rate of airport restaurants improved twice as much.


Airport parking for favourable prices

The Prague Airport keeps working also on better quality of parking services. In the winter season the price for 8 days of parking in the PD Holiday roofed parking lot directly on the Václav Havel Airport Prague is going to drop to 590 CZK. Convenient parking prices concern other Aeroparking’s parking houses, PA Smart and PC Comfort, as well. All the prices will be lowered by approximately 25 % in comparison with the standard costing. Convenient winter parking offers can be exploited until 31st of March, 2016. All you have to do is to book and pay your parking spot on the website.


The Prague Airport keeps improving the standards of travelling. What can you expect?

The airport started reducing the parking prices in June 2015 and the number of online reservations available for a sale has risen by 90 % compared with the same season in the last year. The airport aims to create adequate conditions for the Aeroparking to be the passengers’ first choice.

Newly the passengers can pay by a card or cash on the PA Smart parking lot where it was earlier possible to pay via the internet only.

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