International travellers to the Czech Republic face tighter restrictions at Prague Airport, deny entry, and stop direct flights to China, South Korea, and northern Italy, regions with more reported cases of coronavirus COVID-19. The affected routes are operated by three airlines – EasyJet, Ryanair and Czech Airlines. Those flights are suspended until further notice.

If your flight was cancelled, we recommend you do not come to the airport. Instead, please get in touch with your airline directly to receive information regarding alternative solutions.

Prague Airport also informs passengers through a massive information campaign. Large information boards, stickers and posters with important information are located across both terminal buildings. There are also information leaflets available at the airport to inform passengers about signs of this respiratory illness and procedures to follow upon their return from a risk area and not feeling well. At the same time, Prague Airport representatives remain in close, uninterrupted contact with all Public Health Protection Authorities, e.g. the Prague Public Health Authority. We provide the authorities with due assistance and updated information regarding the operation of the airport.

More than 250 hand sanitisers have been placed throughout the airport and are free to use by all passengers and visitors. The airport urges passengers and employees to observe all-important hygiene rules.

Prague has designated separate gates for all passengers arriving from Italy. Similar procedures are currently in place in Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey. Stricter sanitation rules apply within this dedicated area, such as more frequent disinfection.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic decree, all passengers coming back from Italy to the Czech Republic are obliged to stay under house quarantine for the 14 days following their arrival. Prague Airport asks all passengers to observe this rule strictly.

On 8th March 2020, there have been 23 cases of confirmed coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic. None of those patients are reported to be in a serious condition.

Current information, including the number of people infected with Coronavirus COVID-19, according to ECDC, is available on the Czech National Institute of Public Health website at

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