The ever-better weather lured the hunters of aircraft shots to a new lookout at Václav Havel Airport. The original location for spotters had to be removed due to the planned expansion of the airport.

The new spot is 51 meters away from the runway, near the village of Kněževes. It was opened in January, but with the arrival of spring, spotters began to gather here in greater numbers.

Compared to the original platform, the prospect is 4.5 meters high, so it is almost two meters higher. An unpaved gravel road leads to it.

“The reopening of the prospect is undoubtedly positive news for both airplane lovers and families with children, who are its frequent visitors. In the future, we plan to improve game elements for children, so that the little visitors can have more fun besides watching the aircraft,” said Jiří Kraus, who is in charge of the airport’s relations with its surroundings.

The original prospect was removed last May due to the planned expansion of the airport perimeter and construction of an aviation fuel pipeline.

The spotters are called fans of aircraft, who often take pictures or shoot video of aircraft during take-offs and landings. At Ruzyně Airport they have a second observation point near the village of Hostivice.