Prague Airport expects to clear five-plus percent more passengers during the summer season this year compared to last year. Up to two million passengers, the highest amount in history, are expected to go through the airport during the summer holidays. Therefore, the airport has made some adjustments before the summer months to slightly increase its capacity, which makes it capable of handling over 17.5 million passengers per year, states Prague Airport. Last year, during the summer season, the airport handled around 1.4 million passengers.

As part of the summer season, from April to October, the airport expects to handle approximately 640,000 passengers more than last year. “We will thus reach the maximum possible capacity of the airport, which we can only respond to with partial modifications within the existing infrastructure. It will definitely be possible to resolve the insufficient airport capacity with the implementation of our long-term development plans,” said Václav Řehoř, Chairman of the Prague Airport Board. Long-term plans for the airport include, for example, the construction of a new parallel runway or expansion of Terminal 2.

As a result, the airport has made several constructions and operational adjustments over the past few months, which have slightly increased its capacity. The reconstruction of three check-in waiting rooms with new boarding bridges were completed at Terminal 1, including one new waiting room with a new boarding bridge. As a result, the airport will be able to handle up to six medium-sized aircraft per day, which means a capacity increase of about 1,000 passengers per day. The reconstruction cost 121 million crowns.

Eight new check-in counters, which are already in operation, have also been constructed at the very same terminal for 34 million crowns. In the coming months, the airport will build another 12 new counters at the other terminal. In addition, there is a construction of a new check-in island in progress that can accommodate up to 24 counters. These will be available as of next year.

Furthermore, in collaboration with ING, the airport opened a new rest zone at Terminal 2 as of the last week and planned to enhance its refreshment options. Children’s playgrounds are also awaiting renovation.

Other modifications concern airport parking. A new entrance and exit are currently being built at the express car park at the first terminal, which promises a higher throughput in the airport. The airport has also changed the online parking reservation system, which is up 15 percent year on year.

In addition to the airport’s structural modifications, it has also enhanced its information services. Thus, it has expanded the number of so-called information assistants, of which there will be a total of 140, 15 percent more than last year.

Last year, Václav Havel Airport Prague handled a record 16.8 million passengers, which is a nine percent year-on-year increase. The number of take-offs and landings has also increased, rising by almost five percent to 155,530 instances.