Expected changes for some of the checked-in passengers will take place at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport from 1 March 2020. This applies to those who fly outside the Schengen area – i.e. from Terminal 1. The reason for those changes is the reconstruction of the baggage sorting line in this part of the airport. Starting this March, if passengers want to check in their luggage, they have to walk a little further to Terminal 2.

Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague is on the edge of its capacity. It has handled a record number of passengers last year – almost 18 million. Several construction projects are already underway, which should increase the capacity at least partially. “One of the most important projects in this respect is the reconstruction of the baggage sorting facility, which has been ongoing for the second year and will temporarily require operating restrictions. However, the reconstruction will result in a more modern and even safer space for checked-in baggage, which future passengers will appreciate,” said Václav Řehoř, Chairman of the Board of Prague Airport.

Prague Airport has to improve the terminals. According to Kateřina Pavlíková, airport spokesperson, the company cooperates with airlines, travel agencies and hotels to inform the passengers of the changes in advance.

„In case they do not arrive directly at Terminal 2, they must follow the navigation that is to be installed on the ground, as well as at eye level. Of course, they can also ask our staff,” said Pavlíková to Radiožurnál.

Terminal 1 remains in full operating mode. These changes affect only passengers of twenty-two airlines. These are often long-haul flights outside the Schengen area – for example, to the United States, Canada or Asian countries.

The measure will also affect British Airways flights to London and some low-cost airlines. These complications can be avoided by those who only carry hand luggage and check-in online.

List of Carriers Affected by the Temporary Change of Check-in Location:

Air Arabia, Air Canada, Air Transat, American Airlines, Bamboo Airways, BA CityFlyer, British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, České aerolinie (only flights to Soul), Delta Air Lines, easyJet, Emirates, flydubai, Jet2.com, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, Rossiya Airlines, Ryanair/Buzz, Sichuan Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, United Airlines and Ural Airlines.

10-Minute Walk

According to airport management, the journey between the terminals should take ten minutes. “The passengers will pass refreshments from Terminal 1 arrivals hall and then continue to the connecting building. In the end, there is a supermarket, an escalator, and a lift. There will be red arrows on the ground to help with the navigation to Terminal 2, also marked in red,” said Kateřina Pavlíková, airport spokesman, to Radiožurnál.

The red zone in Terminal 2 will be created for the passengers affected by this measure. Airport staff will also be on-site to inform passengers of changes in check-in.

Three Hours Before Departure

Only the place of check-in changes. Passengers will be departing from the terminals specified in the flight schedule. Once check-in is completed, passengers will go to Terminal 1 following green navigation – there they will pass a standard passport and security check. But the company recommends passengers arrive at the airport at least three hours before departure.

Reconstruction of the baggage sorting facility will cost a total of one and a half billion crowns. In addition to that, Václav Havel Airport continues to modernize.

„Development projects are underway, be it the refurbishment of the baggage sorting centre or the construction of new check-in counters. We are also working on repairs and extension of the taxiway. In the long term, we want to complete Terminal 2 and, for example, build a parallel runway,” said Kateřina Pavlíková, spokeswoman for Radiožurnál.