Last year, Prague Airport experienced a record year not only by the sheer number of passengers. The profit of the state-owned company increased by two-thirds to CZK 3.415 billion due to a boom in last year´s aviation. As of the last year, the company had a profit of 40 percent from each crown of sales.

This stems from the data of the annual report submitted by Prague Airport to the collection of documents. Last year, Prague Airport handled a total of 16.8 million passengers, the most in its history. However, the growth of almost nine percent is significantly lower than the increase in profit. It rose from 2.046 billion to 3.415 billion crowns.

Prague Airport’s profit can also be recalculated differently: the number of movements, i.e. take-offs, and landings. With a total of 155,530 movements last year, the airport had an average of CZK 21,957 on each take-off or landing. That is 200 CZK per passenger.

According to the airport’s annual report, last year’s profit plan was exceeded by 29%. High profitability was also reflected in indebtedness, and long-term liabilities fell from CZK 1,527 billion to CZK 854 million.

The biggest source of Prague Airport´s revenue is airline fees; revenues for flight operations rose to CZK 5.746 billion, slower than the increase in passengers. This year´s report had revenues from commercial activities and revenues from parking or own restaurants divided for the first time, so items cannot be compared fully. Last year´s non-aviation revenues accounted for CZK 2.591 billion, which is a year-on-year increase of 46%.

The number of Prague Airport´s of passengers is also growing as of this year. According to the latest statistics from January to May, the increase was by 4.75%.