The number of passengers cleared at Václav Havel Airport in Prague last year rose by almost 18 percent to 15.4 million passengers. Prague Airport thus confirmed its status as one of the fastest-growing airports in the category of 10-25 million passengers in Europe.

The last year was a record for Václav Havel Airport in Prague, when it passed 15.42 million passengers, and there were 148,283 take-offs and landings in total. The most successful month of last year was July, when it dealt with 1.7 million passengers. On average, 42,233 passengers a day passed through Prague airport last year.

“The increase in passenger numbers for 2017 is excellent and exceeds the European average of 8.7 percent,” said Prague Airport Chief Václav Řehoř. Compared to the previous five years, last year’s increase in the number of checked-in passengers at Václav Havel Airport is for the first time two-digit.

“The arrival of new carriers, the opening of new lines and the increase of capacities on the existing lines has led to the increase in the number of checked-in passengers. Generally, the increase is influenced by the greater willingness of people to spend on the one hand and the increasing affordability of flying on the other,” added Gregory.

Last year, air traffic was established from Prague Václav Havel Airport to 16 new destinations. In the other two cases, lines were opened to new airports in existing destinations (London / City and London / Southend).

In total, in 2017, 69 regular carriers operated flights from Prague Vaclav Havel Airport, flying to 163 destinations. Most of the passengers were transported from Prague to European cities, and then to Africa, which recorded more than 66 percent year-on-year growth, due in particular to increased interest in travel to holiday destinations in the north of the continent.

The most frequent use of air links was to Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia and France.

The busiest destination was traditionally London, where it was possible for the first time last year to fly from Prague to all six international airports. London is followed by Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. A jump in the number of checked-in passengers was seen by Milano Bergamo, followed by Egyptian Hurghada and Moscow.

By comparison, for example, Vienna Airport, despite the collapse of the German airline Air Berlin and its subsidiary Austrian company Niki, has cleared a record 24.4 million passengers last year. This is 4.5 percent more than in the previous year.