You do not go for a holiday on a daily basis and have taken the children to the zoo many times? An interesting excursion can be found at Václav Havel Airport in Prague. You can choose from six kinds of tours, depending on what you are interested in.

From a few tens of meters, you will see startup and landing of different types of aircraft. “You will be able to get to know the state-of-the-art rescue and fire service station in the Czech Republic which was opened in 2006, or see hangar F for repairs and general aircraft inspections.” Vaclav Havel Airport offers these possible excursions.

Tours for both small and large

And since it is expected that everyone has different experience with aircraft and flying, you can choose from several different guided tours. You will find here routes 1 through 6 to show you airport traffic from multiple angles.

The seventh excursion, named “Route F”, is designed for enthusiasts to take photos. They can take airplane photos directly in the airport area, especially at the ranger where the aircraft land and take off.

Route details

Route 1 is suitable for airport novices who want to experience the world of aircraft, not just as a passenger. You will find here information for children about daily daytime traffic at the airport. Duration: 2 hours; age: from 15 years.

Route 2 offers an excursion to the exteriors and the Rescue Fire Station. Take a tour of the airport in the South and North Cargo Zone with a sightseeing bus. You will see airplane check-in before landing and landing, and you will also see the aircrafts taxiing. Duration: 2 hours; age: from 3 years.

Route 3 offers a walking tour of the airport interiors of Terminal 1 and 2. Finally, visit one of the luxurious airport lounges. Duration: 1.5 hours; age: from 15 years.

Route 4 takes you to the Fire Rescue Station. This tour is suitable for those who want to see how the firefighters work at the airport. This route is suitable for families with children. Duration: 1 hour; age: from 6 years.

Route 5 is an aviation technology and services excursion. It takes a look at, for example, the Czech Airlines Technics hangar. You will be familiar with aircraft maintenance, revisions and necessary checks. Duration: 2 hours; age: from 15 years.

Route 6 is the most detailed excursion of the Fire Rescue Station. An exciting demonstration of technology (including the most up-to-date Panther firefighting specials), with a professional firefighter, is waiting for you. In addition, you will see the take-off and landing of the aircraft. Duration: 2 hours; age: from 6 years.

When? From Monday to Friday – a reservation is required.

Where? Excursions are made from Terminal 3 “Old Airport”.

Admission? 220 CZK, children 4-15 years 100 CZK.

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