Prague Airport is launching the plastics no longer fly program, which should reduce the consumption of disposable plastics in the airport environment. Therefore, it wants to motivate passengers to use such plastics minimally, or not at all, while the company will gradually reduce its consumption of plastic packaging and involve business partners in the initiative. The airport is thus expanding its environmental protection activities, which have so far focused on reducing emissions, protecting against noise or groundwater and surface water pollution. At the same time, it has jointly with a few European airports seeking a way to reduce plastic waste production.

Why is the initiative important?

According to the European Commission, plastics make up more than 80% of marine waste, most of which are disposable plastics, such as plastic bottles, disposable plastic cutlery, and plates or plastic straws. Slowly decomposing plastics threaten not only the life of animals and plants themselves but also the livelihood of local people and the attractiveness of the sites for visitors.