When it comes to flying abroad, the Václav Havel Airport is the first choice for Czechs. However, more and more Czech people fly out of airports in the neighboring countries. Aside from lower prices, they can also get on direct flights that aren’t available in Prague. That goes mostly for destinations in the USA.

The most popular foreign city used by Czechs for this purpose is Vienna, where 77% of Czech travelers go. Though much less frequent, Munich and Warsaw come second and third, as showed by a survey conveyed for the MF DNES magazine by Letuška.cz.


The sky above the Czech Republic is filled with more and more airplanes, July set a record

“Czechs mostly flew from Austria to Bangkok and Barcelona, from Germany to Reykjavik and Cancun in Mexico, and from Poland to their home country,” stated Jan Marek, the marketing manager for Letuška.cz.

The most frequent final destinations for Czechs flying out of Austria were the USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Thailand, and France. Among the final destinations of Czechs traveling from Germany were the USA again, Spain, and Iceland. Out of all neighboring countries of the Czech Republic, Poland was the least popular departure station. What’s interesting is that the most trips from there were to the Czech Republic, and less of them were to the USA, Poland, Germany, Finland and Canada.


Paris and Moscow are the most popular

Over 90% of Czechs still travel abroad from the Prague Václav Havel Airport. July set a historical record when the airport checked in 1.7 million passengers within a single month.


Where do Czechs fly out of aside from Prague?

The most popular departure airports for Czech travelers

  1. Vienna 77 %
  2. Munich 9 %
  3. Warsaw 5 %
  4. Berlin 4 %
  5. Frankfurt am Main 3,5 %
  6. Katowice 1,5 %
  7. Krakow 1,5 %

“In the past few days, we have reached the 10 million traveler mark since the beginning of the year, but we won’t have the exact count for August until the second half of September,” the spokeswoman of the airport Marika Janoušková told the MF DNES magazine. According to her, most travelers flew to the Parisian Charles de Gaulle airport (430 thousand people) and Šeremetěvo in Moscow (426 thousand). Amsterdam’s Schiphol was also quite popular (376 thousand). Among other popular destinations were Frankfurt, Dubai, Heathrow in London, Tel Aviv, and Brussells with a record 37% increase in travelers.

Cargo transport from Prague is also doing well. In the first seven months of the year, 45 thousand tons of cargo went through the Václav Havel Airport in Prague. The year before, it was only 38 thousand tons for the same amount of time. What’s also notable are the most frequented destinations for cargo transported from Prague. Cologne is first, followed by Doha, Dubai, Seoul, Budapest, Moscow and Beijing.