Qatar waives entry visa requirements for Czech tourists long term. The general manager of the Quatar national airline, Akbar Al Baker, told this to the server on Tuesday. The country is trying to get its tourism up; it has been suffering since June because of the blockade on other Arabian countries’ part.

Czech tourists won’t need visas starting August, for leisure stays up to three months.

Tourism in Quatar should go up significantly, mainly thanks to more flights to the country. That is why the company Qatar Airways opened new lines to the eastern parts of Europe – for example to Ukrainian Kiev and Macedonian Skopje, but also to Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport, which should serve as a connecting point for German tourists as well. The first airplane from Doha landed in Prague on Monday (see here).

The airline is trying to appeal to tourists through the luxurious class in Airbus 1320, which offers internet access throughout the flight. Business class also enables one to connect two seats together.

Doha airport is also in top condition. Travelers whose final stop with Qatar Airways isn’t Doha but, for example Australia, India or Thailand, will be able to use their layover time to tour Qatar’s capital city for free.

An airline that currently offers flights to the Persian Gulf area from Prague is the Emirates airline, which flies to Dubai. The busyness of the route from Prague to Dubai led Emirates to employ the world’s largest passenger airplane in the world on this regular daily line – Airbus A380, which seats up to 615 travelers.