Czech Airlines has plans to introduce four new destinations from the summer season. Direct flights from Prague will be available to Verona, Lisbon, Iceland’s Keflavik and Denmark’s Aarhus. From 1st December, the company also presents new product packages, with the cheapest flights competing with the low-cost airline offers.

They will be flying two times a week to Iceland, and to the other newly-introduced destinations four times. Overall, the carrier will operate in 50 destinations in 25 countries. On some flights, such as, for example, to Birmingham, Beirut or Pisa, the number of flights will increase.

Into battle with the low-cost airlines

The answer to the low-cost airlines shall be the introduction of new pricing packages that will replace the existing ones. In particular, with the so-called package Lite, which presents you the cheapest tickets of all, they want to take the front positions in the CSA price search engines and graders of cheap flight tickets.

Compared to the previous packages that were available only on a few specific routes, the Lite package shall be available on all short lines but only about transportation from point A to point B with a maximum of an 8kg carry-on bag.

Other packages available in economy class will be a Plus and Flex, which among other things will offer advance seat selection, while Flex will also offer priority access to the check-in desks, or to carry one piece of sports equipment. The difference between Lite and Plus will be 20 euros (about 540 crowns) for a stretch, and between Plus and Flex will be 40 eur (approx. 1080 crowns).

In addition, the ČSA increase from 1st December will also limits all the registered luggage in economy class from the existing 15 to 23 kilograms, on all flights which the carrier operates.