Now you will know exactly what place is moving in Prague airport

The takeoff and landing runway 24/06 is under the constant supervision of Slow TV’s camera. It monitors the planes from the distance of almost two kilometres, and it was therefore not easy to install everything correctly.

Every five seconds, we retrieve direct images concerning information about all the aircraft about to depart and those that are coming in to Prague to land.

NetRex programmers created a simple algorithm that analyzes, for example, that the plane is on the runway (e.g. according to the distance from the centre line of the runway) and closest to the camera. Its details, downloaded from the application Flightradar24, are shown directly in the shot, which the viewer can see on Slow TV.

In the case that no aircraft on the runway is about to take off or about to land, you see a list of the nearest scheduled arrivals and departures of the regular lines.