Although the Václav Havel Airport in Prague enjoys a very good reputation among passengers in general, it fights one major handicap – most of its European competitors – transport accessibility. Passengers have only two ways to reach Prague airport in both directions.

They can choose not so comfortable travel by bus, or faster but more expensive taxi, which is somewhat inadequate compared to the many transport connections offered by many European capitals. Unless, of course, we count your car. Other cheaper options than conventional taxi services may be alternative taxi applications or Prague Airport Transfers providing shuttle transportation.

Building a modern train connection, which will properly connect Václav Havel Airport with Prague metropolis, has been discussed for a year. And the project totalling 40 billion crowns is now a little closer to implementation, although it is slow.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) has presented a proposal for the future design of the Prague-Veleslavín railway station, which will serve as an important stop on the electric two-track Prague-Kladno route in the future. It will connect the centre of Prague with the adjacent airport in just 25 minutes.

Based on the recommendation of an international jury, the Prague-Veleslavín Railway Station will be in charge of the Prague architectural studio idhea architekti, which has set itself the objective of ensuring a logical and simple interconnection of the station with pedestrian, cycling, public as well as car transportation. The speed of train transportation inspires the building’s shape and construction.

The complete modernization of the route between Prague and Kladno with a junction to Prague Airport should be finished by 2028. SŽDC representatives are currently dealing mainly with tunnels between Prague Exhibition Center and Veleslavín, which need to be built in the most difficult section, so it will be interesting to see how the whole project continues to evolve. Nevertheless, SŽDC expects to build yet other stops along the planned route in a similar way to Veleslavín.