Interest in low-cost flying in the Czech Republic is constantly increasing, and domestic airports have in recent years expanded their offer of cheap flights. The largest Czech airport in Prague-Ruzyně is mainly focused on classic carriers, yet low-cost flights make up a substantial part of their traffic: about 30 percent.

What to Watch Out for With Low Cost!


Usually, the checked baggage is charged extra. Some companies have even charged hand luggage. Without paying a fee, passengers can take only a small backpack at Ryanair.


Most cheap airlines charge for airport check-in. Sometimes the amount for check-in is higher than the ticket price itself. With mobile phone applications, however, there is no problem getting ready while traveling to the airport. At the airport, you just must show a boarding pass on the phone display.


Airlines are happy to charge for a specific location. Some carriers, such as Ryanair, even deliberately group the groups as far apart as possible if they do not pay. Additional fees are for premium locations where there is more space, for example, at emergency exits.


Refreshments in the price of a ticket became a rarity in Europe. Free refreshments have been canceled by standard carriers such as CSA or British Airways, in addition to low-cost carriers. Low-cost flights at Ryanair, EasyJet or Wizz Air are available at Prague Airport. Low-cost flights are also provided by a domestic Travel Service under the SmartWings brand, which has one of its bases at the airport.

Low-cost lines make up the most important part of regular traffic at Tuřany Airport in Brno, where most of the operation is charter flights. The most active carriers are Ryanair and Wizz Air, which together account for 37% of total traffic at the airport. Passengers can fly cheap flights regularly, for example, to London or Munich.

The airport in Pardubice is also focused on low-cost carriers. Low-cost airlines have transported more than 40 percent of passengers, according to Libor Kříž, the airport manager, which is one-third of all commercial flights offered by the airport. According to Kříž, the low-cost airline belongs to smaller regional airports, as in Pardubice. Passengers can fly from Pardubice, for example, with the largest low-cost airline Ryanair to London or Alicante.