After months of promises, Brno airport in Tuřany will get a new airline. In addition to Munich and London, passengers will also get regular flights to Milan, Italy this autumn.

A new line twice a week to Milan will be provided by Ryanair. Passengers from Brno know them well. Currently, they also fly their planes to London.

South Moravian hejtman governor Bohumil Šimek (ANO) considers the addition of the new line a step in the right direction. He particularly appreciates the speed at which the new route has been negotiated.

“We usually look for spare capacity for one to two seasons in advance, so our team has been extremely successful in negotiating a new line for the upcoming winter,” he said.

Ryanair attracts with low prices

Tickets to the new line are already on sale. For November and December, Ryanair has planned a special price of 709 crowns. They expect the tickets to be sold out quickly for this price.

Brno Airport Chairman Milan Kratina is convinced that the line will be interesting, and not only to the inhabitants of the South Moravian Region.

“Milan is a popular destination for travelers from our region, and Brno and the South Moravian Region are perfect destinations for tourism and business, so I believe the line will be successful,” said Kratina.

Efforts have not yet been successful

The South Moravian region has tried to get new lines for Brno airport since the beginning of the current coalition elections in autumn 2016.

In spite of efforts, the airport, on the other hand, has lost a few lines. Wizz Air canceled routes to Eindhoven and London Luton. Fiyah gave up on the effort to reach out to Romanian Blue Air, which was to fly to Rome or Split.

First, the region negotiated with the Romanians, but they then stopped the communication, and so the region ended negotiations. They are now trying to negotiate with other companies at previously promised locations.

And thanks to Ryanair’s new line-up, Ryanair now gets the advantage. “The negotiations for further possible cooperation with this company will continue,” added the governor.